KittyBop Live!

Here are the first online pictures of the (also first) live concert of Kitty Bop, taken on March 11th 1998! With the concert, Kitty Bop started and concluded their "All Over The World"-tour at the stage of Merleyn, Nijmegen, where some 300 people were to be entertained at a psychology party.

Kitty Bop consists of:

This first set of pictures was taken by Frans Cöp, with his digital camera. Insiders know Frans is also guitarist in The Moonshining Toddlers, another band Ronald and Patrick are in.

The next set of pictures were grabbed from video footage, shot by Jeroen van Mastrigt. Jeroen has already promised some QuickTime movies are on the way!

If you are blessed with the RealAudio Player and a good deal of patience, you can listen to a few songs.

Dirty Boots
A song by Sonic Youth, covered by Kitty Bop.
The Presidents of the United States of America are responsible for the "Kitty" in "Kitty Bop". The "Bop" is from the "Blitzkrieg Bop" by the Ramones.
Mother, mother
Tracy Bonham, by Kitty Bop in december '96.
Hey hey, my my
Neil Young, if I'm not mistaking, Kitty Bop '96.
I can't stay
This is a song not by Kitty Bop, but by the Moonshining Toddlers. The accordeon is played by Tjerk, a friend from "het conservatorium", who had never heard the song before. A shame the tape ends early, because the song kicks ass. (Paul (vocals), Frans (guitar), Koen (guitar), Ronald (bass), Peter (drums), Tjerk (accordeon))
Follow your heart
A song by the Paladins, performed by the band Smalltown, back in '93. (Huib (vocals/guitar), Rion (guitar): Paul (keyboard), Koen (bass), Patrick (drums))
New Orleans is sinking
This song by The Tragically Hip was also performed by Smalltown, '93. (Huib (vocals/guitar), Rion (guitar): Paul (keyboard), Koen (bass), Patrick (drums))

Although this particular image doesn't show it, this was one of the most swinging persons at the party. He's just catching his breath here.

And the crowd was ecstatic!

Some people were reluctant to leave the party when it was over. The organisation was clearly in control, though. Watch Carola(*) as she tells people to go away.

Fan- or hatemail can be sent to Patrick "Hear the drummer get wicked" Atoon.

(*) No no, the one on the left is Jeroen! Carola is the one with her back to the camera, you only see her hair in the picture on the right.

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