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De tekst

Samurai Pizza Cats...
We hope you liked the show, it's the best that we could do
Samurai Pizza Cats...
If you could do better, then we'd leave it up to you
Just a reminder, you might like to know
the cats will be back for another big show.
Hahaha, oh gosh.
Samurai Pizza Cats...
They're fighting crime, oh yes, all over town.

Two, four, six, eight.
Why do we expectorate?
Samurai Pizza Cats...
Read all the credits, so you'll know who did the work.
Samurai Pizza Cats.

Pagina voor het laatst aangepast op 13-08-1995, stuur opmerkingen naar Patrick Atoon.

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Originele animatie © 1990 Sotsu agency
Tatsunoko Production Co, Ltd.

Beelden en geluid © 1991 Saban International Services, Inc
Saban International N.V.