Boy, those credits flash by quickly! So, we took the time to single step the videorecorder and write them down for you to admire. The credits are from the episode "The Great Golden Cluck".

Executive producer

Winston Richard


Andy Thomas

Featuring voices of

Terrence Scammel, Rick Jones, Dean Hagopian, Michael O'Reilly, Mark Camacho, A.J. Henderson, Sonja Ball, Pauline Little, Suzanne Glover

Voice director

Time Reid

Music by

Shuky Levy, Haim Saban

Music produced by

Andrew Dimitrov

Executive in charge of music

Ron Kenan

Post production supervisor

Eric S. Rollman

Post production assistants

Janna Bryan, Jennifer Canaday, Lauren Jackel

Videotape supervisor

Stacy Gale

Offline editor

Terry Marlin

Story editors

Bob Barron, Tony Oliver

Spiritual advisor

Hogan, The Wonder Cat

Singing sensation

Googie Gomez

Rerecording engineers

Clive Mizumoto, Pierre l'Abbe, Alain Roy, François Deschamps

Sound effects editors

John McGrath, Scott Page, Ron Salaises, Johnny Valentino

Voice recording

Pierre l'Abbe, Luc Herbert

Music engineers

Barron Abramovitch, Xavier Garcia

Music editors

Barron Abramovitch, Nick Carr, Xavier Garcia, Mark Ryan-Martin

Assistant engineers

Darryl Coit, Don Sexton


Action Video, Tony Rastatter, Starfax


Mix Efex

No animal was hurt or mistreated during the making of this cartoon

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Tatsunoko Production Co, Ltd.

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Saban International N.V.

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