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Elke aflevering zit vol met grappige opmerkingen, woordspelingen en andere soorten grappen. Hier is slechts een klein deel ervan.

"Stop Dragon My Cat Around!"

Guido Anchovis (after zapping a bunch of Ninja Crowes with a psycedelic blast from his Sun Spot Umbrella)
Hey guys, there's only one ticket left for the 'Iron Butterly' concert and you're going to have to fight for it.

"The nuclear potato"

As the sun rises over Little Tokyo, another mechanical monster is wreaking havoc on the countryside! Who do you suppose is responsible for this?
Bad Bird
Who else? Haha! 't Is I, star of the show.
Check your contract! It says "guest villain".

Look mom, Polly can jump higher than the Empire State building!
I didn't know the Empire State building could jump.

Is Polly right? Is the Big Cheese involved in this? Well if he isn't, we won't have much of a story, folks.

Mama-san, what do they call that thing they shoot the cats out of?
I'm not sure, but I think they call it a catapult.
Boy, I'm glad I didn't have to say that line...

Is this the end of the Pizza Cats? After only seven episodes?

Speedy Cerviche
Okay, get camera three in place for the Ginsu-sword sequence. Let's have a big finish!
Even though it was Spritz the Cat who defeated the robots and saved the day, Speedy's the hero who negotiated the lucrative merchandising deal for the Pizza Cats Running Shoes, T-Shirts, Lunchboxes and Executive Desk Sets. So we have a contractual commitment to make a big fuzz over him like this in every episode. Bear with us, folks, it's big business...

Bad Bird (who has just found out that Big Cheese didn't mean a nuclear potato)
Shooks... It wasn't a nuclear, it was just a common tater

And so, we come to the end of another adventure with our heroes: Speedy, Polly and Guido, but they'll be back for another episode, unless of course they'll get a better offer from another producer.
Speedy Cerviche
We're just waiting to hear from our agent about a big movie deal!
That's where you have to wear the turtle costumes, right?

Gone with the Ginsu

Jerry Atric (after the cats have broken into Big Cheese's vault)
Oh no! Someone has broken into the vault! I hope they don't scratch my "Lovin' Spoonfull" albums.

Hot and Cold Kitties

Bad Bird (after freezing Professor Ohm)
Now you know what it's like to live in Quebec. Perhaps now you'll learn to speak au français. Give us the secret, or you'll be eating crêpes, pal!

Cold and Crabby In Little Tokyo

Speedy Cerviche
Achooo! (sniff)
Hey! Be carefull not to sneeze on the pizzas.
Guido Anchovis
Yeah, or we'll have to charge more for the extra toppings.

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